Our Mission

Building an Esports Brand

THREADS.GG is an esports & video gaming apparel brand whose mission is to provide our community with relevant, high quality clothing that doesn’t break the bank. Our goal is to design clothing that captures the very essence of the esports counterculture while holding its production to a standard that we can be proud of. We aim to be a hub for creative apparel that remains relevant to our community for years to come. To meet these goals, we strive to listen to you so that we can ensure we are building this brand into a customer-centric powerhouse that every fan would be proud to wear.

At its core, esports is about the experiences we share within our niche community. Having been a part of this family for some time, we hold these experiences close to our hearts. We looked on with mixed feelings as Team Liquid lost to Luminosity in the infamous semifinal at MLG Columbus 2016. We witnessed Neeb seal his place in the history books after dominating 3 WCS tournaments in a row and taking the triple crown. We felt a surge of patriotism after watching Cloud9 become the first North American CS:GO team to win a major in 2018. We’ve pugged with you, dropped in with you, and cheered alongside you. We enjoy these memories and want to capture that feeling within the THREADS.GG brand.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are a vital piece of this community. Whether you’re a fan, a professional, or an employee, esports’ booming success is due to your constant support. We’re here to become a part of this story and our only hope is that you’ll join us.

Reach out anytime

Do you want to speak with us about our mission, wish we offered more designs, or just downright hate our shirts? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding THREADS.GG.