Apparel Partnerships

Additional to operating an esports apparel marketplace, we offer apparel services & partnerships to passionate esports brands looking to expand their reach. Whether you’re an established brand, or an up & coming organization looking to take the scene by storm, we can help fuel your business with the added revenue that an apparel line can bring. We highly weigh potential – performant metrics aren’t everything – which means we choose our partners carefully. We believe that our job is to leave the esports community better than we found it. Our mission clearly emphasizes the passion we have for esports. If you share that passion, read on.

Full Service Apparel Partner

I couldn’t ask for more in an apparel partner
Ryan Friend
Rush B Media

They are able to accommodate any of our needs quickly and professionally
Jackson Wolf
Midwest CS:GO

Whether you’re in need of 5 jerseys for an upcoming LAN, or looking to start an apparel line for your esports organization, we can help. Our business is about connecting you to the manufacturing world so that we can unleash the merchandising potential of your esports brand, together. To accomplish this, we partner with the best-of-the-best in design, manufacturing, and logistics. Becoming a THREADS.GG apparel partner means having the following services at your disposal:

  • Apparel designs from world-class graphic designers
  • Expertise in the manufacturing & distribution of esports apparel
  • Ecommerce storefront development & operation

We strive to assist our partners in growing their esports brands through the apparel services we provide. Our part to play in the esports story is providing organizations with apparel, accessories, and other branded items to the best of our ability. We love doing our part, and we’re good at it.

Apparel Supplies

As an esports apparel provider, we know that serving your audience’s needs is a portion of the battle. Esports organizations themselves are in constant need of branded clothing, custom jerseys, banners & merchandise printed with your designs. As a THREADS.GG apparel partner, you need only look to us for the provisioning of all the above and more! We offer internal apparel services (that is, between THREADS.GG and its partners) with some of the best rates in the industry for bulk orders (5 unit minimum).

If you are not currently a THREADS.GG apparel partner, we’d love to offer our custom merchandising services to you as well! Simply click through to our Custom Order page by using this direct link here.

We Want to Hear From You

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to help out. Even if we don’t feel that a partnership is the right answer, we will do our best to provide any services we can or, at the very least, point you in the right direction.