THREADS.GG Reimagined

After more than a year in business, we decided that THREADS.GG needed a makeover that matched our ambition. Despite the upgrade, our mission remains the same: to provide quality apparel to the esports community. In making strides to better serve you it became apparent that THREADS.GG needed a new look & feel, as well as enhanced functionality, that could only be attained by starting over – so that’s what we did.

Shop Your Favorite Esports Brands

The most exciting part of THREADS.GG is the opportunity to partner with esports organizations in the name of serving their fans, serving their members, and creating kick-ass premium apparel that can’t be found anywhere else. Shopping your favorite esports brands is now easier than ever with THREADS.GG’s integrated catalog. Get started by clicking theĀ Brands dropdown in the navigation menu above!

We appreciate the brands that have given us the opportunity to meet their apparel needs. Taking things one step further, we appreciate you, their fans, even more. Without you, none of this would be possible. Keep repping your favorite brands, keep queueing for matches, and – most of all – keep supporting your favorite esports organizations.

Integrated Catalog

As we onboard new partnerships, and bring each THREADS.GG partner under one roof, we gain the ability to aggregate all products into one monster catalog. Browse every brand at the same time or narrow your scope using our search filters.

Integrated Checkout

With true integration comes true convenience. As we migrate all THREADS.GG partners to the new platform we’re able to integrate the checkout process into one cohesive experience! Our goal is to give you the best experience modern technology has to offer. With that in mind, integrated checkout is a no-brainer.

Shop Your Favorite Esports Products

Creating premium esports apparel is a passion unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. To ensure that our customers are able to find exactly what they’re looking for, we’ve given product categories a spot in our top-level navigation. Experience the convenience for yourself by clicking the Apparel dropdown in the navigation menu above; Shopping all categories is as simple as choosing Apparel > Shop All.

Continuous Improvement

To ensure we are not allowing ourselves to become stagnant, we believe the real work begins after a product is launched. With the launch of THREADS.GG’s new website we will be keeping our ears to the ground, listening for suggestions, feedback, and criticisms. We understand that growing pains are a necessary evil and hope to meet them head on. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, you can always reach us via our contact page.